About Us


AWMAC Ontario Chapter is a not-for-profit Association of manufacturers and associated companies that have been promoting architectural woodwork manufacturing since the 1956, when several leaders in the industry joined together and created the Architectural Millworkers of Ontario. In 1970 the woodworking association of BC invited the AMO to participate in a National meeting. At that meeting it was determined that a manual on proper fabrication and installation methods for architectural woodwork would be beneficial to all in the industry. From that time on, the AMO was an ardent supporter of the Quality Standards Manual and continued to participate in various capacities with the woodworking association called the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC). The Ontario Chapter joined AWMAC in 1999 and has continued to promote quality architectural woodwork fabrication and installation methods, together with our AWMAC Chapter partners across Canada.


AWMAC Ontario is primarily comprised of industry leading Manufacturer members that fabricate and install architectural woodwork such as Millwork, Stairwork and Rails, Wall and ceiling panels, Doors, Cabinets and Casework, Countertops and Historic Restoration Work, and Associate Members that support the Manufacturers by providing quality goods and services such as Lumber, Sheet Products, Hardware, Adhesives and Manufacturing Machinery.


To be the architectural woodwork industry authority in Canada.”  AWMAC is specified as the architectural woodwork standard in over 90% of the commercial construction projects in Canada. 


“To develop and promote the use of AWMAC’s Standards for the manufacturing and installation of architectural woodwork, and promote assurance of adherence to those quality standards and sustainable practices in the woodworking industry.” AWMAC works closely with design professionals, manufacturers and contractors to ensure architectural woodwork projects are trouble free. AWMAC provides specific and detailed inspection services that ensure the customer gets what they paid for. 


AWMAC Ontario offers solutions to ensure architectural woodwork is manufactured and installed to industry standards:

  • Lunch and Learns – we will visit your facility and provide a CEU Accredited learning experience for your staff at no cost to you.
  • Guarantee and Inspection Service (GIS) – For a small fee added to the project cost, AWMAC will monitor and inspect the architectural woodwork project using AWMAC Certified Inspectors from start to finish and provide a 2 year project guarantee.
  • Inspection Service – If you have a quality concern or want to make sure you receive what was designed and specified either before, during or after the architectural woodwork is completed, for a fee AWMAC will inspect the project and issue a detailed report using AWMAC certified inspectors.


AWMAC develops and promotes the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards (NAAWS) Manual as the foundation for all of it’s standards and services. NAAWS is a collaboration of highly experienced volunteer industry leaders and has evolved through the years to become the primary architectural woodwork standard in North America.