Message from the Ontario President

I am proud to have been elected as the new President of AWMAC Ontario.

When I joined the Board of Directors in 2011, I was introduced to a group of people who had an exceptional commitment to improving our Chapter and getting AWMAC recognized for its dedication to the Woodworking Industry.

The recession took its toll on all businesses including AWMAC, where our GIS revenue declined quite drastically compared to previous years.  With the economy now in much better shape and most millwork companies starting to get back to pre- recession days, we are now even more committed to getting our Association back to where it was and hopefully surpass that point.

We are providing Lunch & Learns to all sectors of the Design Community with great feedback and we are signing up new Design Authority members every month.

If we can continue to push for AWMAC standards and GIS to be included on Tender documents we will start to reap the benefits of being a member of a highly qualified organization.

As with most associations, I’m sure there are things that we could do better to promote and increase the return on our membership investment. I would love to hear any ideas that you may have to improve AWMAC.   My personal email is; please feel free to contact me with any input, ideas, recommendations, concerns or most importantly to offer your assistance at the group or Board level.

Thank you and good luck to you all for the year ahead.

Peter Gallagher